December 3, 2020

Rwanda, Uganda Police Chiefs review partnership on bilateral cooperation

Rwanda National Police (RNP) and Uganda Police Force (UPF) held a bilateral meeting on October 20, and agreed on strengthening partnership in fighting transnational and cross border crimes.

The meeting was held in Mbarara District, western Uganda and presided over by the two Police Chiefs; CG Emmanuel K Gasana of RNP and Gen. Kale Kayihura of UPF and attended by senior police officers from the two countries

The Chiefs of Police reiterated the need for greater cooperation to ensure safety and security along the northern corridor and on common borders.

The meeting further discussed strategic actions to combat transnational and cross border crimes particularly terrorism, narcotic drugs and human trafficking, as well as tracking, arresting and exchange of fugitives.

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Delegates from the two police forces agreed on enhancing joint training, exchange of best practices, cooperation in disaster management and response, and joint community policing to sensitise communities along the common borders on cross border crimes.

The Mbarara meeting came as follow-up on previous bilateral meetings – the last one held in Kigali, Rwanda on February 17, 2015.

During the meeting, IGP Gasana emphasized the need for “rethinking strategies on how to approach the global security challenges which pose a threat to safety of people and development of nations.”

Noting the importance of bilateral cooperation between two countries, the IGP singled out the Mirama Hills One Border Post as testimony to what cooperation can achieve, particularly in enhancing border security.

Both Rwanda & Uganda police chiefs, IGP Emmanuel Gasana & Gen Kale Kayihura and

He emphasized that the ultimate goal of joint police cooperation is to pursue collective security and create a secure environment for business growth.

The IGP further commended the achievements so far registered under the mutual agreement that continue to set a precedent for what this cooperation holds for the people living in Rwanda and Uganda and others that use the northern corridor.

The meeting appreciated the achievements brought by the bilateral cooperation in various areas including exchange of criminal information which has contributed to curbing crimes like motor vehicle theft, narcotic drugs and arrest and exchange of fugitives among others.

To achieve the above, the meeting also recommended more joint training, joint exercise plays and exchange of good practices.

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On his part, Gen Kayihura noted that such a set up establishes a platform for sustainable growth and development of the two countries as set out in their respective national strategies.

Cooperation at a bilateral, regional, and international level is among RNP key priority areas in pursuit of peace and security at home, in the region and for a safer world generally.

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