November 28, 2020

Paul Kagame turns 59 years old

On 23th October 1957, is the birthday of Paul Kagame, the president of Rwanda. He was born at Nyarutovu in the former district Tambwe, former Gitarama province, which are now alternatively Ruhango district in southern province.

Today, The president of the Republic of Rwanda reached 59 years of birth, by the time many Rwandans are appreciating unrivaled development he reached the country.

President Paul kagame helped Rwandans to get developed in terms of Unity and reconciliation initiated with Gacaca jurdiction after the Tutsi genocide occurred in April 1994. He brought peace, security, infrastructures and the like that he did from his throne to now.

President Paul Kagame married Jeannette Kagame in 1989, whom they still together with four children including three sons and one daughter Ange Ingabire Kagame.

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President Kagame enthroned on March 24, 2000. He is the 6th president to rule Rwanda after Paster Bizimungo who ruled a short time after the death of Habyarimana Juvenal.

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