December 4, 2020

RNP recovers over 600 missing laptops

Rwanda National Police has recovered 616 laptops that went missing from various schools across the country as part of the ongoing investigations.

The investigations commissioned recently seeks to recover over 2700 laptops donated by the government under One-Laptop-Per-Child that were not accounted for by the schools with some of them reportedly stolen.

The investigations also seek to hold all those responsible accountable, according to RNP spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Celestin Twahirwa.

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“So far investigations have revealed that, 613 laptops were reported missing in City of Kigali, of which we have recovered 238 of them and arrested 5 people. In the Northern Province, of the 371 missing laptops, police have recovered 41 laptops and investigating 81 people that are allegedly connected to the missing of the laptops, while in the Western Province, of the 157 missing laptops, 44 have been recovered and police arrested 8 people,” said ACP Twahirwa.

RNP Spokesperson ACP Twahirwa Celestin

He went on to say that, elsewhere, the Eastern Region reordered 1049 laptops missing in schools; of those, 293 were recovered and 41 people who allegedly stole some of the laptops were arrested while in the Southern Region, at least 548 laptops went missing in 53 schools in the region.

According to ACP Twahirwa, “although the process of recovering missing laptop has just started, it should be clearly noted that not all of them were stolen; some went missing because of  lack of proper follow up from school management, that’s why we call on all stakeholders to come on board and get the laptop back to schools.”

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He however pointed out that where theft has been reported police have arrested in some people and in-depth investigations are underway.

“There were circumstances where a child could take a laptop home and never returned it because there were no proper follow up from the school administration…This is just the beginning, we believe at the end of this operation a sizable number would have been recovered,” said the Police spokesperson.

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