December 4, 2020

Five arrested in Police operation against road carnage and fraud

Separate Police operations conducted on October 28 in the districts of the Western Province arrested five people, who were either involved in criminal businesses or attempted to offer bribes to escape penalties after they were caught violating traffic rules and regulations.

Police spokesperson for the Western Province, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Theobald Kanamugira said that on that day, the police had conducted a special operation in all the districts in the region with special focus on drug trafficking, fraud and to enforce traffic rules and regulations to prevent road carnage.

“In the due course, the five suspects who are drivers and motorcyclists were found with no required documents like authorization permit while one of the drivers was caught smuggling a soft drink called Novida,” CIP Kanamugire said.

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“However, after their arrest, they attempted to also offer bribes to police officers in vain, another crime that they will also be charged with. Bribes ranged between Rwf5, 000 and Rwf10, 000,” he added.

Motorists are the majority group that has been arrested in connection with attempting to bribe Police officers, with at least 400 apprehended over the three years.

“Breaching road safety standards or conducting illegal businesses are punishable by the law, but trying to rectify such malpractices with briberies adds up to crimes you will face,” CIP Kanamugire warned.

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“We are there as police to ensure the safety of the people and property but not to be bribed to be bystanders. We are all bound by the law and we should respect that,” he noted.

He appealed to the general public to strengthen partnership with the police against crimes and corruption in particular through timely information sharing.

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