November 24, 2020

5 reasons why today’s women do not prefer underwears

The below tips may awake your thoughts on the reasons for today’s women to opt out undies includes knickers and sometimes bra. For some women, wearing underwear is a no longer opted fashion. Here are some reasons why most women avoid undies:

1. Fresh air

Not silly but some conservative women might consider it to be. Some women like to air. No big hoopla about it. And the feeling is great. It’s like- being released from prison. You can jump for joy because nothing Is holding you back. It’s like walking on air…floating. Ask your crush, she might explain it best.

2. Trend

And then there are those who go with the bandwagon..even if it means adopting painful tampons when they are rolling just to avoid underwear. I mean, could anyone be so bird brained to just follow a trend?

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You might find the trend started with someone avoiding underwear because of a tattoo close to the crotch –and then you and your likes, follows and reactions, jumped into the wagon because ass never looked so better than when unbridled, right?


3. Easy access

This one is for you guys. Silly for the prudes, kinky for the adventourous. Women like sex. Don’t be fooled by the playing hard to get. And when she knows she craves putting out, she will avoid underwear at all costs even if it means seducing you with breadcrumbs there is nothing down there.

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4. Panty lines

Women have discovered they can go pantiless to avoid those annoying lines when they wear really tight clothing. Either this, or they wear seamless underwear. If you want to know one hasn’t worn underwear, check out her ass and you will see it going all wobbly wobbly in a diagonal manner. And she will be shameless for it, enjoying the attention even if there is nothing to look at.

5. Lazy

And then there are those women who do not know the meaning of personal hygiene. They wash their underwear at the end of every week. If the weekend finds them ready with raving plans, they won’t be washed and she will go out without any inner wear.

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