December 3, 2020

MINEDUC ready to fight cheating amidst National Examinations

The students ending up primary studies, today 1st November 2016 start National examinations and Ministry of education says it has prepared to avoid any cheating case and anyone committed cheating whether a student or intended teacher will be seriously punished.

Cheating in national examinations has been murmured especially in the schools located in city areas and some complicity cases of students and teachers in cheating were found.

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Minister of State in Charge of Primary and Secondary Education, Isaac Munyakazi, says during the inauguration of Primary examination at St Famille primary school in Kigali; MINEDUC with help of police officers at examination sites will enable to avoid cheating and punish whoever committed.

Students were checked before joining examination room

“What they say whether cheating or involving in cheating, it is not easy;… I mentioned about it before and I hope that no one will be committed. We commit ourselves together with police institutions to avoid cheating case and whoever found guilty will be seriously punished.”

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Some students were suspended for misbehaving and leaving out classes after completing examination file. The minister of state says they will have another chances next year since they will have reconsidered their attitudes.

Primary examinations scheduled on 1st to 3rd November 2016.The candidates have increased considering to the last year with 168 ,290 candidates and the current candidates are 194,679 with additional rate of 16%.

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