December 4, 2020

Kenya opts troups withdrawal after UN has sacked UNMISS commander in South Soudan

Kenya has said it is withdrawing its troops from the United Nations mission in South Sudan, a day after Ban Ki-moon sacked the Kenyan commander of peacekeeping forces in the country for failing to protect civilians.

In an angrily worded statement, the Kenyan ministry of foreign affairs said on Wednesday that it was “dismayed” by the UN secretary-general’s decision to dismiss Lieutenant General Johnson Mogoa Kimani Ondieki.

Continued deployment of Kenyan troops in South Sudan “is no longer tenable”, the ministry said, saying Kenya would “withdraw, immediately” its forces there. Kenya has more than 1,000 troops deployed in South Sudan.

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The ministry said the UN mission in the country, known as UNMISS, suffered from “systemic dysfunctionality” and that Ondieki was not to blame for violence that killed dozens of people.

“What is clear is that UNMISS suffers from fundamental structural and systemic dysfunctionality, which has severely hindered its ability to discharge its mandate since its inception,” it said.

“Regretably, instead of addressing these shortcomings directly, the United Nations has instead opted to unfairly attribute them to a single individual, in the name of the Lieutenant General Ondieki.

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A special UN investigation released on Tuesday blamed Ondieki and a “lack of leadership” in UNMISS for the “chaotic and ineffective response” to the violence in the capital Juba in July.

Dozens of people were killed between July 8 to 11, and at least five foreign aid workers were raped when between 80 and 100 uniformed soldiers overran the hotel.

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