December 3, 2020

Ngoma: Anxiety surges over hippo grazing in the crops

The people bordering the Akagera river in Jarama sector, Ngoma destrict are anxious about hippopotamus that graze their crops as well as invading their homes.

Turikumwenimana Leopord is omong the victims. He reveals how the wild animals fully grazed his maize plantation and he expects nothing while others will be harvesting. “The hippopotamus here damage our crops. I, my behalf, spent more than Rwf 40,000; but they have grazed the whole field, so I will get nothing.

He added, the people whose crops were damaged by animal are gathering to  take their complains to the leaders in charge.

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Unfortunately, several people are not aware of where to take their allegations and how it can be resolved, in spite of little individuals already took their complains to sector officials in charge of agriculture.

Those people fear if nothing is done to recompense or care about the animals, they risk persistent hunger.

The executive secretary of Jarama sector, Mulisa Japhet, said they used to hear such problem but none of the people dared to expose it to him.

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He confidentially said that they are going to deal with the problem and carry out advocacy so that the problem is to be known to Rwanda Development Board (RDB), in charges to pay the damage of wild animals.

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