November 27, 2020

Kagame hails important of unity during ‘Unity Club’ 20th anniversary [Pictures]

President Paul Kagame and First Lady Jeannette kagame were among the leaders who, yesterday 4 November 2016, attended the celebrations of 20th anniversary of Unity Club; an association that brings together current and former cabinet ministers and their spouses.

In his remark, president Kagame highlights the importance of unity and working together towards the same goals as the way of keep on developing country once destroyed by division led to 1994 Tutsi genocide 22 years ago.

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“We speak of unity because we as a country have known the consequences of division,” Kagame highlighted and reminded that Rwandans should work together since when they (Rwandans) choose to turn against each other, it is the matter of serving the interests of those who benefit from Rwandans self destruction.



“Today we have seen that the same Rwanda that was capable of the worst is also capable of great achievements,…We are here to remind each of the importance of unity, of recognizing each other’s humanity.” Kagame said.


Unity Club tells a loud story of the power of unity in the Rwandan context. It deliberately aligns itself to inclusive policies implemented by the Rwandan government as well as with its institutions that promote unity in the country.


The club’s vision, from the onset, has been to create a forum where members, and other Rwandans, are inspired to develop proactive dialogue, productive work and network in order to foster mutual responsibility in addressing social problems hindering Rwanda’s development.

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It was formed in 1996, two  years after the Genocide against the Tutsi. Unity Club has been instrumental in promoting social cohesion and contributing to the country’s sustainable socio-economic development.

Photo: Village Urugwiro

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