November 27, 2020

Do Rwandans still believe in rainmaking witchcraft?

The art of rainmaking is a skill that had been well discussed in recent Rwandans daily living as well the rain stopper. Even now, allegations towards some individuals over rain stopping surge in countrywide while others beaten accused of stopping rain from raining.

Local leaders used to intervene to rescue the victims of such beliefs, but even now some get tortured over baseless allegations.

Nyirangaruye Dafrose, a woman who lives in Akagarama cell, Rurenge sector in ngoma district says she is being tortured by her neighbours, accusing her to prohibit  rain from raining.

The 71 years old woman says on November 5th 2016, she was heavily beaten by her neighbours accusing her to stop rainfall in the region, while it is raining in other neighbouring areas.

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It is said that there is no rain in that cell but raining regularly in their neighbouring cells.

Nyirangaruye stated that it’is not her first time to be tortured, rather last year tortured so; the statement confirmed by a piece of writing she keeps signed by chief of Nyamuhinda Village.

She said, “I get beaten every year. I am suffering the nape because they usually making me to look up in the sky expecting it to rain. I have no power to stop rainfall, I am being persecuted.” This old woman went to the district office later on 7th November 2016, but got no justice.

The cell leaders say they don’t know the case. But, they confirm the people’s mind of rainmaking. They add that they forbade the people from violating anybody accusing them rain stopping witchcraft.

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Nyamutera Emmanuel is the Executive Secretary of Rurenge sector, he said that he does not know about the old woman’s case but he admits the inconvenience towards someone who will be held in investigation.

“It is raining everywhere. I don’t know if they beat her to make warm. I am going to investigate the case and the justice will be exercised over anybody who will be held in the case of beating her.” Emmanuel told Kigali Today.

The rain stopping witchcraft has been not only reported in Rurenge sector but also in Kazo, the neighbouring sector in the same district of Ngoma, Eastern Province.

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