November 28, 2020

The Military Court puts off the soldier-doctor murdering case

After 30 day of investigation on Maj. Dr Rugomwa and his colleague Nsanzimfura Mamerito’s case of killing a young boy named Theogene Mbarushimana, the military court of Nyamirambo has postponed the trial, after Rugomwa’s lonely presentation in the court.

On this Tuesday November 9th, 2016, the court intends to hear from those two men including a soldier who later in the previous trial accepted the killing but expressing that he expected the child to be a gang.

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When the court begun earlier this morning, the suspect was appears in the court without his co-appeared  Mameritos Nsanzimfura nor his attorneys, whereby he expressed that his colleague’s absence was due to the sickness.

The court postponed the case in order to give him chance to study well the trial as he has already complained of.

Maj. Dr Rugomwa Mupenzi Aimable accepts the killing but defends himself that he killed him as a self-defence.

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The court concluded the case is to be resumed for next time on 20th November and ask him to study well the case as he came to explain that he found the trial copies so late.

The soldier-Doctor at Kanombe military hospital accepted the killing on 13th September 2016 for the first appearing in the court. Theogene Mbarushimana was killed on September 9, 2016, exactly in Ubumwe village, Rubirizi cell, Kanombe sector in Kicukiro district.

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