November 29, 2020

Does former PM Faustin Twagiramungu beleives in himself a perfect leader at his age?

Political opponent, former Prime Minister (PM) and candidate for 2003 presidential election, Faustin Twagiranguma says it is time for Rwanda to be ruled by fresh generation and urges elders to enhance the quality of inheritance towards their descendants.

The former Prime Minister who is serving exiled political life in Belgium, said in a video released by his political party, ‘RDI Rwanda Rwiza’ that nowadays young generations need serving by their sharp brain and what they learned from academics studies.

“Nowadays we do not have farms to give them contrary to recently when you bestowed your children farms and it was enough. The farms were plenty and he (your child) believed to provide his descendants with helpful legacy; but today, what we have to inherit our children is sharp brain, knowledge and academic skills.” Faustin said.

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He highlights fresh generation with fresh mind to be at the fore front of the leaders of the country, in spite of his presidential bid in 2003; when he was 58 years and he is now 71.

It seems he excludes himself in next presidential bid as at the age of 71st, he is not to consider himself a fresh generation.

Contrary to what he mentioned In March 2015, in a conversation with Rwandan based Radio ‘Isango Star’ said that to the fact that he is so old; it does not make sense to omit him from presidential election of his native country. He highlighted that even if he should fail to move on the throne, it would not be the matter of ages but thoughts.

Faustin Twagiramungu nicknamed ‘Rukokoma’ for his hyperbolic expressions; said he still had fresh mind. “Whenever I fail for presidential bid, it would not be due to my ages but thoughts. That what peoples accustomed to say, if I am too old… I am not old in my brain. My thoughts still the same.”

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He insists that the Rwandan constitution does not prohibit him from bidding presidential term, what can rise ambiguity since whenever he still think of fresh generation to lead the country while his generation is declining.

In 2003 presidential elections, former Prime Minister in 1994-1995 defeated by the incumbent president Paul kagame and he got only 3,62 % and returned in Belgium where he lives as political asylum.

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