November 24, 2020

Rwanda opts quietness to mitigate Burundi’s crises

Following the recent political and security crises surge in Burundi since the incumbent president Pierre Nkurunziza announces third term bid in presidential office where more than 450 people have been killed in a move his (president Nkurunziza) opponents say violated the constitution and a peace deal that ended a civil war in 2005; Burundi-Rwanda relations declined.

The persistent Burundi indictments to Rwanda government and its president Paul kagame became priority to soften the violent accusations by international humanitarian activist by saying Rwanda to be the cause of insecurity upsurge. Louise Mushikiwabo, Rwandan Minister for Foreign Affairs and cooperation; said Rwanda decides to keep quiet to lessen the situation.

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Rwanda and Burundi formerly had good relations started fading when Burundi started accusing Rwanda of supporting Burundi renegades following political tensions that blew into mass violence and left many Burundians fleeing to neighboring countries.

In a press briefing held yesterday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Louise Mushikiwabo talked on Rwanda-Burundi relations where she appreciated that violence has been reduced in Burundi though political problems persist.

“As far as I am concerned, political chaos seems to have been reduces in Burundi but some issues not really solved,” she said.

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“As Rwanda, we preferred to keep quiet. We were saddened by the situation but it was the right way to prevent the matter from becoming more intense,” she added.

Mushikiwabo explained that no country can interfere is such problems since Burundi is a sovereign country taking own decisions. She added that closing borders is what saddens since Burundians are deprived of rights to trade with Rwanda.

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“What saddens is that cross border trade was banned. It is sad that poor citizens on the other side of the border can’t cross to sell what they have. On the other hand, we can’t do much about it since it is not our country,” she said.

Minister Mushikiwabo explained that Rwanda is ready to restore good relations with Burundi.

“Burundians are brothers, neighbors. We cannot influence decisions made by leaders but it has great negative consequences to Burundians since our citizens have many opportunities of trading within other countries or find development activities inside the country,” she said.

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She said that the rest if for Burundi administration to allow its citizens realize progress doing their business in Rwanda.

Last month,the Burundi based media published that around 40 armed Rwanda military forces with local residents entered Ngozi Province at Sabanengwa Mountain on Tuesday and destroyed a house under construction. The news said the armed forces aimed at taunting but Rwanda defence force (RDF) denies.

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